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Objective: This project focused on the Coachella valley music festival. I created posters and a booklet to showcase what Coachella is all about and introduce things you might not know they had, like interesting food and art installations. 

Inspiration: I wanted the work to reflect Coachella, the vibe being the bright lively colors and the excitement everyone shows for it each year. The design is inspired by Coachella itself. I wanted to incorporate a large thick textured typeface to give it a playful playground, carefree type of feel. 

Objective: Coachella is a music festival that goes on every year. People come from all over the world to go to Coachella it's known for its fun, free spirit, and carefree vibe. They have interesting almost artistic food vendors, and almost unreal, and extraordinarily beautiful art installations like nothing you’ve ever seen. In the design, I use a lot of circles and colorful images. Circles are a fun shape and remind me of bubbles on a playground which signifies a carefree time in every person's life, which is something I wanted to bring into my designs for this project. 

Thematic Treatment: I incorporated bright colorful images large fun typefaces and images saturated with color to properly represent Coachella and its one-of-a-kind vibe.

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