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Objective: More than your labels are a social issues project. The labels we attach to ourselves or that society attaches to us can be harmful, but you are more than that. 

Inspiration: The inspiration for this project stems from the judgment in today's society. Why do people care about the things people do with their appearance? Why do people care what other people identify as, or what religion they subscribe to why does society judge people based on everything else except their personality or actions? Society is constantly making labels or labeling people, sometimes it is we who label ourselves. Labels are a hindrance that people do not talk about enough.

Concept: The concept is to push people to break away from labels and stereotypes. While also reminding people that they are more than what society thinks of them. The purpose is to get people thinking about how labels in society affect us. The effects are vast, both long-term and short-term. I want to help drive society away from labeling. 

Thematic Treatment: For this project, I chose a photo-illustration approach. I used images and illustrations to appeal to the target audience in combination with vibrant colors. Posters and billboards all serve as conversation starters, their playful design gives people something to talk about and a way to bring it up. Each element serves as a gateway to the website, which is specially curated to inform and coach the reader on topics such as, how to stop labeling people or comparing yourself to others which also generates labels. You, the person next to you, and the world are so much more than labels, there is so much more to the world than labels.

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