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Life Herbs is a skincare line based on the amazing benefits of neem oil. The owners wanted to redesign their logo giving it a more modern and clean look. working closely with the creators of such a magnificent brand I wanted to help them convey the style that they wanted to achieve both clean and modern with a touch of creativity.

I thought it would be appropriate to provide a different orientation of the logo. this was created for the presentation cover I included in their package but I figured it would make a nice sticker for packaging. I also included a version of this secondary logo without the circle so that it opens up the opportunity to be used on documents as well if desired.


I've included some mockups which can be viewed in the brand guide.

The symbol can be used separately, there were many variations before the final. I chose to make the primary greenery represent neem leaves but also include a touch of other greenery and as a bonus it makes the heart shape which is the symbol of love, tying everything back to the tagline "love your body the natural way" for this I also chose to include a version in grayscale. 

For the Final logo, I wanted to incorporate neem leaves to convey the message subtly. This is an all-natural skincare company that believes strongly in the power and benefits of neem oil so I felt bringing the neem leaf into the logo was appropriate after bouncing around type studies we settled on this font. it has a good balance of style simplicity and elegance. for the tagline, I chose to use a thinner San serif font for balance. This thinner font gives way for the attention to be on the logo mark itself when displayed together.

For various documents, like invoices pamphlets, and booklets I included color variations so that the client would have options when putting together documents ensuring that the logo will always be visible on most backgrounds. incase the background is black the original logo would not work, in some cases people choose to include the logo with a white box around it which I wanted to avoid.

I also included a version of this secondary logo without the circle which opens up the opportunity to be used on documents in place of the primary logo as well if desired.

This is a freelance project. if you would like to learn more about the brand you can visit their websight at

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