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Objective: Kenny G’s Chateau is a restaurant complete with cookbook, and 5-page menu. The entire concept is based off of my dad and his upbringing in Jamaica and wanting to help the community he grew up in and things he experienced growing up. 

Inspiration: I drew inspiration from my dad and all the stories he’s told me over the years about Jamaica and my own experiences from my visits. For my color pallet, I used toned-down colors from the Jamaican flag

Objective:  He’s told me about many different things, like his childhood nickname that stuck with him through the years, or when he uses to play cricket for fun, and what his daily life looked like with his siblings and the livestock they had. My dad has always told me he wants to help the community he grew up in, with school supplies and school clothes and shoes. I found a way to do just that. He loves to cook so Kenny G’s chateau is his restaurant. On the first Friday of every month, 50% of all proceeds go to helping families get school clothes, shoes, and supplies as well as feeding families with 2 or more children. We will also take donations in the form of canned goods, and school supplies. Throughout the cookbook, I integrated some patois (Jamaican creole) as well as in the menu pages. You’ll notice in the design I use a lot of circles which are meant to symbolize my dad’s vision coming full circle. From his childhood, to helping the same community he came from by collecting donations and food that he could have used when he was growing up. 

Thematic Treatment: The name Kenny G’s chateau came directly from my dad. When he cooks, he talks out loud to my dad or anyone listening, sometimes even narrating like he’s on YouTube and hell call it Kenny G’s chateau. I wanted this project to really tell my dad’s story but also give great recipes that he’s made himself presented in a fun way that doesn’t distract from the content of the page.  and that they are and will always be enough.

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