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Objective: The objective of this project was to create a paper sample book from a company of your choice that must have a theme not having to do with the company or paper. For this project, I chose Nia paper. The theme for this project is love and weddings. The book is about a woman and her husband who have a wedding planning business he does the photography she does signage and planning. 

Inspiration: I love the idea of love and romantic gestures. I couldn’t think of anything more romantic than a beautiful wedding. Much of my inspiration came from the Netflix series Bridgeton. I also took inspiration from the popular tv show Say Yes to the Dress I started thinking about planning weddings and how much design and printing it might require. Everything from engagement announcements and save the dates to wedding signage and table numbers are usually designed and printed or painted which was perfect for the task at hand.

Concept: This book features slide-outs with examples of, business cards, invitations, announcements and save the dates printed on cover linen, as well as gate folds and accordion folds to display signage for the wedding, printing options and so much more. This book also includes a shot list that you might want for your photographer and examples of shots in the form of an accordion fold. There are also examples of table items like table numbers and maybe a personalized note you would include for your guests at each table. 

Thematic Treatment: It is designed to be a themed catalog style for this wedding planning business. I’ve taken inspiration from things I would want at my wedding for the design of this book as well as my cousin’s wedding whose photos I implemented for this project. I’ve created this book to be the intimate starters guide for wedding planning.

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