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Objective: The guide dog foundation is a none profit foundation that helps disabled people get service animals, they breed, house, and train them to be guide dogs from the time they are born. Each dog is specially selected for their new owner. 

Inspiration: We rebranded the guide dog foundation, giving it a new identity and adding content. Each promo element is inspired by what the guide dog foundation does, they match people in need of guide dog services with a guide dog specifically trained for them. One of the most beneficial customers we thought of is the blind community we incorporated braille on the invitation, which is intended to be raised. keeping the design language going, we used braille as a pattern on T-shirts and dog collars and pins.

Concept: The concept is based on the already established identity of the guide dog foundation. We worked at creating merchandise to give out that would give a new fresh outlook on the brand while also spreading awareness for the foundation, we also created an event to reach more people no matter where they are. With the virtual dog walk they can register and receive merchandise like a dog collar or a leash along with their invitation in the mail while wearing the merchandise people might stop and ask and this is where you can spread the word. 

Thematic Treatment: We created invitations, t-shirts, pins, dog collars, and an Instagram page with posts, and rebranded the logo. We wanted a clean, simple look and chose a type. face according. We also created a braille pattern that reads “walk talk see” for our invitation and incorporated that in our other designs like the t-shirt, pins, website, dog collar, and more.

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