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Concept: The Eccentric Foodie is a boutique hotel drenched in culture in the form of food, art, and the experiences of each artist. 

Inspiration: The design and color palette were inspired by the different cultures around the world. African face paint patterns and lines, and vibrant colors like blues, oranges, reds, and purples are commonly found in Africa and other countries around the world. 

Concept: The concept for the eccentric foodie is a tasteful mixture of cultures, art, and food from different places around the world. Each room is specially curated to display the works selected to be shown in the room.  The artists featured at this hotel are all minorities. Dinner menus will Be paired with the theme of the night which alternates threw different dining themes each night based on one of the seven featured artists at the hotel. The eccentric foodie will also offer cooking classes for your favorite dishes each night so that you can bring a piece of culture home. In addition to cooking classes there will be an “in my shoes “experience highlighting the good the bad and the life-changing moments in each featured artist’s life. This VR experience will put you in the artist’s shoes, you will experience their life like stepping into a movie.

Thematic Treatment: I wanted a very unique, hand-done, and ethnic feel.  I chose to hand letter the majority of the type in this project with the exception of the spreads in the booklet. I wanted a really interesting booklet so I chose to make it circular because I have rarely seen circular booklets, if ever. I wanted bright colors to represent the hotel, which is another reason I chose this color scheme for my color pallet. The hue of the colors and intricate design represents the word eccentric in the eccentric foodie.

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