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Objective: “Hey pretty girl” is a series of book covers, two of which are actual kids’ books. These are all real kids books but for the purposes of this project I’ve made them in to a childrens book series. This series is meant to inspire and empower young girls to have confidence and love themselves and also to let them know that they are all pretty no matter what their skin might look like, no matter what their hair might look like and that they are and will always be enough.

Inspiration: The packaging is inspired by traditional art styles like drawing and painting. Using bright soft colors for the backgrounds gives a fun and playful feel that attracts children

Concept: The concept of the book jackets is inspired by my own experiences and other kids’ books geared towards girls. When I was younger, I was bullied a little bit about my hair because it’s usually different than my pears and back then nobody in my small class had hair like mine so I created that book cover based on my own experiences to empower young girls who might have gone through the same thing I did. The next book cover “skin like mine” is also inspired by my own experiences. My freshman year I was involved in a pedestrian motor vehicle accident which resulted in 5 knee surgeries and one big, long scar on each leg the stitched scar on the “N” is a recreation of the scar on my right knee which I was a little self-conscious of, but I’ve learned to embrace it. This book is for all the kids that maybe have vitiligo or have scars like I do or have bad acne and anything else they might be self-conscious of. The 3rd cover isn’t based off of experience but it’s for the kids who need encouragement and to be told that they are enough. 

Thematic treatment: Each cover is hand drawn and painted using watercolor, scanned in, and touched up then placed on the book cover file. I wanted each illustration to be fun and creative but I also wanted each child to put themselves in their shoes which is why I intentionally left the faces in my illustrations blank so they could have fun and make it their own.

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